The following Physician Engagement
could help increase physician
engagement in a healthcare organization:

Company News as a Physician Engagement Tool
Physician Engagement Tool

Having a company news website or a company news platform could help increase physician engagement significantly. The company news can be used as an avenue to share articles, company news, company updates, holiday schedules, policy changes, new employees, employee birthdays, company anniversary etc. A company news website can be kept as in internal site only meaning it can only be accessed by employees. When it is an internal site then it can be used to share more sensitive information that would be useful to employees. A company news site helps increase physician engagement as a Doctor or Nurse is more likely to comment on a news article about a colleague and even on one about themselves. It increases engagement as there will always be an ongoing conversation on something within the healthcare organization. When setting up an internal company news website, an organization must make sure the information is secure and that it can be accessed only by employees.

Message Boards

Message boards are a tool used for employees seeking information about specific work tasks or work-related information. They are a great tool for sharing short-term or quick information about the things going on in an organization. A message board can also be used by management to share company vision and mission and share information that could boost the morale of employees and also make them feel more involved in company activities. A message board is a great tool and it's a great way to share information that would otherwise be shared by email – which can sometimes be annoying.

Live Chat

Physician Engagement Tool

Live chat is a tool that's particularly useful for employees who work remotely and for employees who need to communicate with other employees in different locations or even within one healthcare organization. It takes away the delay of having to wait for replies to email for example. It is a great tool for patient care teams to communicate with each other and coordinate activities, update each other on patient well being and share information about sudden changes schedules and other things that might come up.

Discussion Forums

Discussions are another great tool that leads to physician engagement. Physicians can get into conversations with other physicians nurses, or hospital staff across the organizations. Employees get to discuss with each other which might have never happened in person. Discussion forums encourage fluid conversations and natural interactions between employees of all levels and this increase physician engagement.

Ways to Fix a Physician Engagement Problem

If an organization has noticed that it has significantly low physician engagement or it has noticed that the Physician Engagement Tools it put in place are not achieving the desired results, it can take the following actions to fix it.

Pay attention to How Physicians Communicate

If an organization already has Physician Engagement Tools put in place it can survey all the tools and see which ones are used the most or which ones achieve the most desired result. It helps if a manager understands how each member of their team communicates and use that to their advantage. It also helps if a manager fewer employees know the best way to present information and get feedback. For example, if an employee has a quick question do they pop into your office to ask you and get an immediate response? Do they send you an email? Do they send you a live chat? Providing answers to questions like this will make employees more confident in how they communicate with you and within themselves and will increase physician engagement. Also understanding what information each employee needs to do their job and sharing it with them will help them feel more heard and seen and they will be more willing to communicate and be engaged.


Having an open culture and policy of transparency opens a door to more conversations and more dialogue between employees and management and within employees. Regardless of communication style or frequency, transparency means that when there is communication there is no vagueness or incomplete information. Transparency could also mean information and data is available to employees so when it’s needed there doesn’t have to be a delay in getting it. Things like company updates, recurrent feedback loops, Q&A sessions etc

Provide the Right Communication Tools

Are you telling your physicians and employees to communicate with a tool or software that is not readily available or easily accessible? This will serve as a deterrent to engagement and regular communication within employees and between staff and management. In addition, providing a wider range of communication tools and more options to employees will also help increase engagement. That way physicians can choose a tool that's more convenient for them and this ends up being more engaging for the organization. In addition to that providing the right resources to employees and physicians to help increase their engagement will help increase overall engagement. These physician engagement tools go beyond providing communication apps or platforms. It could also mean providing employees with training designed to help them be better communicators. Training on how to be a team member, team leader, how to give feedback, how to receive feedback or how to collaborate with other departments. Even training physicians on how to approach conflict and how to handle disagreements within the workplace all go a long way to make them better communicators.